Finding Qualified Driving Instructors in Manchester

5 Questions To Ask When Hoping To Receive Driving Lessons From A Qualified Driving Instructor

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There comes a time when everyone who wants to learn how to drive has to spend money on driving lessons, so it is important to also put some time into choosing a qualified driving instructor from a reputable driving school as there are many to choose from in the Manchester area.

Driving instructors are approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Only a DSA approved instructor or a DSA licensed instructor under training can charge for providing driving instruction.

Q1. How to tell if a driving instructor is approved by the DSA?

It is important to take a look at the badge in the windscreen of the driving instructor’s car. An octagonal green badge shows that the driving  instructor is DSA approved and fully qualified.

A triangular pink badge shows that the driving instructor is still undertaking practical training and is not yet fully qualified. However, they can still legally charge for driving lessons.

Grades for approved and fully qualified instructors have been introduced by the DSA and the agency strives to improve the standard of those who provide driving instruction. Grade 6 indicates the driving instructor is of a very high standard, and Grade 4 indicates that an instructor is competent.

The DSA also checks to see if an instructor has a criminal record before approving them.

Q2. How to find a driving instructor in Manchester?

You can ask your family and friends to recommend a driving school or a driving instructor. Failing that, you can check the phone book or look online for driving schools in Manchester near you. Keep in mind that if you are being charged for a driving lesson, the instructor should be DSA approved or licensed under training, so make sure to check their badge. Here is a up and coming driving school I have heard of –  Go 2 Pass driving school, some of my friends are using them right now they teach in all suburbs of Manchester so they may come in handy as I here they are good.

Q3. Driving schools or an independent driving instructor?

Some driving instructors work independently, while others work as a part of local and national driving schools. Feeling comfortable with the driving instructor is very important, so speaking directly with the driving instructor rather than their salesperson is recommended. Shopping around and comparing driving instructors, whether they’re independent or part of a driving school, is also recommended before making a final decision.

Q4. What qualities should you expect in good driving instructors?

Good driving instructors make the most of their lesson time. They should be completely attentive through the driving lessons, without any stops to drop off something, fill-up with fuel, make phone calls or pick up something. Even if things go wrong during a driving lesson, they should not make the learner feel uncomfortable in any way or shout at him/her.

Driving instructors should always:

  • Arrive in a clean and well-maintained car
  • Be punctual
  • Have a lesson plan prepared on the basis of the DSA Syllabus

It must be kept in mind that as these driving instructors charge for the lesson, any issues that arise should be diplomatically resolved by discussing them with the instructor. If things remain unresolved, it is best to look for a new instructor.

Q5. What to look out for when taking driving lessons?

Here is a handy list of points that should be considered when choosing your driving instructor:

  • Location & times:

    The instructor should…

    • be teaching in a local area, such as near the learner’s college, home or work.
    • be available at times to suit the learner, such as after work or at weekends.
  • Quality standards:

    The driving instructor should…

    • be willing to show his/her certificate to verify his/her grade, or should be willing to offer a discount if they are licensed and under training.
    • have a car that is in good condition, less than three years old, and suitable for the learner’s needs.
    • have adequate experience in teaching learner drivers.
    • not pick up other students during a lesson since his/her attention would be diverted and the lesson time would be impacted.
  • Driving lesson costs & materials:

    The instructor should…

    • charge reasonably, though cheapest is not always the best, but a full-hour of driving instruction excluding pick-up and drop-off time should be covered by the cost.
    • provide driving instruction for at least one hour and perhaps  more because longer lessons will enable you to progress quicker as you have time to practice.
    • offer a discount or perhaps a free initial lesson, so that the learner can judge whether they will get along with him/her.

It is important for any learner who is eager to pass their driving test to make sure that they clearly explain their expectations to the driving instructor and they both agree on a logical plan. Keeping an eye out for all of the above can quicken the pace of finding an independent driving instructor or one who is part of a driving school, one who will be capable and qualified enough to provide proper driving lessons and enable you to pass and get your full driving license.

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